Tuesday, May 17, 2016

COVER STORY: Pacific Edge Hotel featured in OC Register

Pacific Edge Hotel took the lead in a featured cover story by the OC Register, on newsstands TODAY, titled: Beach butler? Surfing safari? Shoreside hotels in O.C. get creative with their offerings.

The beachfront Bungalows definitely set the Pacific Edge Hotel apart from any Orange County or Southern CA hotel on the coast. As the article quotes, "Pacific Edge General Manager Thomas Lee said the hotel needed meeting space, so managers had to think creatively about how to offer something that would set it apart from other hotels."

"A lot of hotels have beach access, but they're not right on the beach like us," he said. "Having that, it's a very unique advantage for us."

It was a perfect coincidence that the OC Register stopped by to photograph the hotel on the same day Miriam Gin of Simply X Classic hosted her blogger luncheon in the Gorjana and Griffin Bungalow. Along with fellow fashion and lifestyle bloggers, Kathleen Barnes of Carrie Bradshaw Lied, Lydia Webb of Jetting Jewels and Niki Mencon of My Style Diaries, the ladies' social gathering played a major part of this featured piece. 

We can all certainly agree that a meeting in the Bungalows makes a work day, a GREAT day at Pacific Edge Hotel. Bungalows are available for meetings, social events or just a day for family or friends to hang on the beach with their very own private space to make their stay a VIP experience. 

For more information on Bungalow bookings or to reserve, check out our Bungalow page

Photos courtesy of OC Register by Jeff Gritchen, Staff Photographer 

Friday, April 29, 2016


Fashion and lifestyle blogger, Miriam Gim, from Simply X Classic, invited her fellow girlfriend bloggers for a day at our stylish Gorjana & Griffin Bungalow at Pacific Edge Hotel. We were thrilled to host these chic ladies for an afternoon, being that two have been to Pacific Edge Hotel before and covered the properly so fabulously. You may recall reading Carrie Bradshaw Lied blog post about her "Staycation in Laguna Beach" as well as My Style Diaries visit to PEH, but this time the girls were "Playing Hooky" (as My Style Diaries so perfectly puts it) for their lunch date & daycation on the beach together, joined by Jetting Jewels

The Gorjana & Griffin Bungalow was the best spot for these fashion bloggers to sip on champagne, nosh on delicious nibbly bites from The Deck and make their many costume changes for photoshoots with the gorgeous coast as their backdrop!

You can count on fashion bloggers to take stunning photos onsite. Thanks to Miriam, Kathleen, Nikki and Lydia for their stylish stay at PEH! 

And a special thanks to Miriam's little girl for stealing the show in all of her Beach Bungalow cuteness. 

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Photos courtesy of Simply X Classic & Carrie Bradshaw Lied 

Thursday, April 21, 2016


Are you ready to XSperience the Bungalow life? There's been a BLAST of energy at Pacific Edge Hotel. The XS Bungalow is quite the hot spot, fueled by local Laguna Beach-based XS Energy Drink and referred to as XS COF, which stands for Center for Optimal Fun!

Take a look at this cool video by the XS brand showcasing the disco-tiki style bungalow designed to deliver on the XS promise of adventure and opportunity, while energizing your body and mind. 

The COF is all about helping people XSperience the natural beauty of Laguna through an adventure partnership with the Eco Warrior Foundation - including Stand Up XScursions, surf lessons, snorkel and free dive tours, mountain biking, hiking or just chillaxing with cold XS cocktails and delicious food from The Deck

Contact us today to book your XSperience in this awesome Bungalow at Pacific Edge Hotel. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Deck & Driftwood Kitchen OC's BEST OceanView Restaurants

Locale Magazine just named both Pacific Edge Hotel's in-house dining experiences as two of OC's BEST 180 Degree + Ocean View Restaurants

We love being home to The Deck and Driftwood Kitchen and can see why Locale gave us such great recognition - you just can't get any closer to the coast! While The Deck connects directly to our Bungalows with an open-air vibe, Driftwood Kitchen sits right above the beach with panoramic views of the Pac Coast. 

Locale Magazine states...."The Deck specializes in seafood inspired by the restaurant’s beachfront location. Menu items include freshly caught oysters on the half shell, pan-seared Alaskan halibut and jumbo Maine scallops. All of this can be enjoyed from their beach-facing outdoor dining area with stunning views of the Pacific. Have all the fun of dining on the beach without the hassle of getting sand in your food. Feeling a little cold outside? Don’t worry, as ample heat lamps and umbrellas will keep you enjoying the great outdoors."

Driftwood Kitchen's Executive Chef Rainer Schwartz has recently launched a new spring menu, as seen in OC Foodies Magazine, which includes vibrant seasonal ingredients including squash blossoms, heirloom tomatoes, cauliflower, Yukon gold potatoes, green & red papaya yellow corn, spring peas and morel mushrooms. Dishes you must try: Grilled Colossal Tiger Prawns & Dates, Summer Squash Blossoms and Whole Santa Barbara "Sea Stephanie Fish Uni"  
For the best in outdoor dining with award-winning cuisine, visit Pacific Edge Hotel's oceanfront restaurants: The Deck and Driftwood Kitchen
Photos courtesy Locale Magazine & OC Foodies Magazine

Friday, March 18, 2016

Epic Family Staycation at Pacific Edge Hotel

You just can't beat arriving to Pacific Edge Hotel on a Friday to catch the gorgeous sunset across the ocean's horizon. For Shelby Barone of the OC Mom Blog, this wasn't just an experience for her, but one that she was able to share with her entire family!

"The kids squealed with delight while watching dolphins jumping  in the waves while the sun slowly disappeared on the horizon. We took our shoes off and walked down the beach for an evening walk before dinner. Our family bond became stronger than ever before as my husband and I walked hand in hand while talking about our week with the kids splashing their toes in the water."

After a steak and seafood dinner at Driftwood Kitchen, the family retired to their guest rooms to refuel for their weekend at Laguna Beach! 

"With our heart full of love, we drifted off to sleep with the sound of the crashing ocean waves and awoke to the sound of seagulls flying in the fresh morning air."

Shelby and her husband took turns lounging and relaxing on our provided beach chairs and towels to taking the kids from the ocean to the pool for their family-fueled day of fun! 

Pacific Edge Hotel is the best spot for families to STAYCATION in Orange County! OC Mom Blog and her family had an EPIC time at PEH and noted on her blog that the kiddos fell right to sleep as they pulled away from their weekend in paradise! 

All photos courtesy of OC Mom Blog 

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A Weekend in Laguna Beach

Ashley Brooke Nicholas joined fellow bloggers Mash Elle and Diary of a Debutante on their west coast "girls weekend" trip from Florida - while all were in town for the GenBeauty Conference in LA. However, the Pacific Edge Hotel was definitely their DESTINATION! 

As Ashley states on her blog, "The Pacific Edge Hotel has a relaxed, beachy vibe the screams California cool. Our room's orange walls, driftwood headboards and surf-inspired photography provided the perfect background for a weekend getaway to the beach. As much as I love the design of the hotel, nothing beats an uninterrupted view of Laguna Beach."  

All three gals were very impressed with Driftwood Kitchen..and we can't say we blame them! Ashley states, "The view from Driftwood Kitchen is my idea of heaven, and their food and decor are FLAWLESS." 

Once again, PEH was honored to have these three lovely bloggers enjoy our property in Laguna Beach! Thank you Ashley for your fabulous post on Pacific Edge Hotel and Driftwood Kitchen! We hope you join us again soon! 

All photos courtesy of Ashley Brooke Nicholas. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Mash Elle's Vitamin Sea

Michelle will never forget the first time she fell in love with California. While it may have been after a breakup, she had the experience many of us do along the Pacific Coast.

"Overlooking the skyline in Laguna beach, a wave of emotion splashed over me. My lungs filled with life for the first time in (what felt like) forever - and I instantly felt reborn. Reborn with a realization that I needed to let go and move forward into a new chapter of my life. As soon as I returned home, I chronicled my SoCal adventures -- and thus Mash Elle was born."

How fabulous that Michelle began her blogging career after the inspiration of the West Coast surf... her "vitamin sea" as she eloquently details.

Joining fellow online beauty and style blogger friends, Diary of a Debutante and Ashley Brooke for a hosted weekend at the Pacific Edge Hotel, the girls took in everything fabulous that our hotel and Laguna Beach offers before heading up to LA to their conference.

Mash Elle writes on her blog -- "Pacific Edge Hotel has a cool California vibe - decorated with a mmix of brilliant ocean hues and rustic sea detailing. We were greeted with a warm welcome from staff - and continuous hospitality throughout our stay. Can we talk about the view? The oceanfront view was enough to take my breath away every morning. Pacific Edge Hotel has an incredibly calming aura that extends beyond the pacific waves. It serves as the perfect mind and body cleanse."

Well stated,  Michelle - we hope to see you again on our coast!

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Photos courtesy of Mash Elle