Monday, February 1, 2016

Merrick's Art Staycations at PEH

Pacific Edge Hotel is the perfect destination to staycation with the entire family! Merrick's Art and her darling family (plus one on the way!) joined us for a weekend of Laguna Beach fun at PEH! Check out the great video she shared on her blog and via You Tube!

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Video by Merrick's Art

Monday, January 25, 2016

Carrie Bradshaw Lied Takes a "Staycation"

Carrie Bradshaw may be a household name but life and style blogger Kathleen Barnes from Carrie Bradshaw Lied takes a more realistic approach to living the good life!

Kathleen and her husband Christian escaped to the Pacific Edge Hotel for what we locals love to call a STAYCATION!

"Usually when we travel...we spend so much time researching the area - from extracurricular activities to restaurants, beaches, hikes and so on. With a STAYCATION, you don't have to worry about any of that - you know the area, and instead get to see your town as an outsider. Honestly - it's so much fun!" 

During their stay, Kathleen loved sleeping to the sound of the waves crashing, as she describes is "what dreams are made of." Her hubby especially enjoyed taking in the surf only a few steps away every morning and collectively dining at the Driftwood Kitchen (which has recently been nominated as "Best Restaurant of the Year" by the Laguna Beach Chamber of Commerce.) 

"The hotel embodies the California vibe, blending surf and beach cottage...the whole weekend has me thinking I need a little condo on the beach. Dreamy!" 

And while we think Kathleen's photos from her stay are "dreamy" -- we can all agree that Pacific Edge Hotel is the perfect spot to getaway from your everyday life and enjoy a "staycation" at the beach! 

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Photos courtesy of Carrie Bradshaw Lied

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Pacific Edge Hotel's Coastal Wonderland

Escape winter at Pacific Edge Hotel in Laguna Beach -- the perfect place to soak in So Cal sun and coastal breezes, while most of the country is bracing chilly temperatures! Whether you're looking for a staycation, family vacation or romantic getaway, make Laguna Beach your "not-so-winter" wonderland for all of your holiday travels! 


Be welcomed by stylish beach-chic guest rooms with oceanfront views and accommodations to fit families on all budgets, Pacific Edge Hotel's laid-back vibe and location are truly unmatched. Just steps away from the ocean, guests can indulge in kayaking, biking, whale-watching, surfing and simply relaxing on our private beach.

Plus, with our beachfront Bungalows, those looking to holiday like a VIP can enjoy one of our 5 private, stylized spaces loaded with amenities. 

Bungalows include:

  • Our latest XS Bungalow, designed to deliver a blast of energy and adventure
  • A surfer's paradise in the Billabong Bungalow
  • Nod to vintage tiki-style at Sailor Jerry's Bungalow
  • The fashionably-chic Gorjana & Griffin Bungalow 
  • And the ultimate motocross man cave that is The Fox Head Inc. Bungalow

There's a Bungalow for everyone, all of which come equipped with a personal VIP host, private bathroom and shower, bar, catered food & beverage, and a private deck area to lounge and enjoy the coast.

With special Holiday Beach Package rates available, there is no better time to ditch the scarves for swimsuits and join us at Pacific Edge Hotel --- the best destination for a not-so-winter wonderland! 

Photos courtesy of Pacific Edge Hotel 

Monday, November 23, 2015

Say "I DO" to an Ocean View at Pacific Edge

Allison Maginn Photography

As they say, you know when you’ve found the ONE … and finding the perfect beachfront location for your Southern California wedding should be just as simple!

At Pacific Edge Hotel, we believe that your special day should be just as unique as you. Our intimate event spaces offer a picture perfect backdrop to set your love story in motion. Your beach wedding will be set against the backdrop of oceanfront views of our private Laguna beach and the rolling waves the Pacific Ocean ... just steps away!

Beach-House Chic
If a beach house atmosphere is what you desire, our Villa Living Room is the place for you. Nestled directly above the famed Deck restaurant, The Villa boasts French doors that open up to breathtaking views of the Pacific Coast. This intimate space is completely transformational and includes an oversized fireplace for a truly cozy environment. Say your “I Dos” in front of your closest friends and family or create a lovely reception, engagement soiree, or rehearsal dinner for your bridal party, overlooking the ocean.

Sunset & Surf
Want a sunset ceremony at the beach? Pacific Edge Hotel can accommodate reception celebrations on the Bungalow Deck or Deck Restaurant to accommodate your wedding size.

We love hosting life’s most special moments. Consider our home, yours! 


Sunday, November 22, 2015

Cupcakes & Cutlery Day at the Beach

Who doesn't LOVE a day at the Beach? Cupcakes & Cutlery joined us for a "daycation" to take in the Pacific Edge Hotel experience! 

Here's what Sharon had to say about the photo above: "This rad view is what you will see off your private patio in front of your private bungalow. What is a bungalow exactly? It’s like your own private living room only a few feet from the ocean!"  - We love this quote! The bungalows are exactly that! 

Cupcakes & Cutlery took some amazing photos during their stay! We can tell Sharon and her kids had a wonderful time enjoying the Pacific Coast and the luxury amenities that PEH offers to our Bungalow guests.

In just one day - you can feel like a VIP. Sharon mentioned that although they live only 20 miles away from the beach, it can be hard to schlep all your stuff to the beach with kids - which is the burden PEH takes away! We have everything you need for a daycation right here on site and the staff to take care of your every need! 

We can't thank Sharon and her darling boys enough for sharing their "daycation" with us! Make sure you check out Cupcakes & Cutlery and follow them on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram

Photos courtesy of Cupcakes & Cutlery. 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Popsicle Blog at the Bungalows

The Popsicle Bloggers took a bite out of the Bungalows!! Jill Parkin, the mom behind Popsicle Blog - Sandy Toes and Popsicles brought her three boys for a daycation at the Pacific Edge Hotel. Clearly these guys had a blast - hanging out in our Bungalows, dining on The Deck and enjoying fun in the sun on the beach! 

Jill, who's spent time at PEH before, took in this new experience of the Bungalow life and got to rest and relax in our stylized beachfront Bungalows - which gives guests a home base to enjoy the beach with VIP service and attendants taking care of your every "daycation" need. 

Thanks so much to Jill and her boys for spending the day with us! Follow Jill and her kids on their adventures in Southern California via social media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram

Photos courtesy of Popsicle Blog 

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Travelfluential Dream Daycation

"This summer we vowed not only to go to the beach - but to make it special."

Well, there's no place like the Bungalows at Pacific Edge Hotel to make a day at the beach SUPER SPECIAL. Travelfluential blogger Angela (also known as Momfluential and Latinafluential) took her daughters and son on a "daycation" to Pacific Edge Hotel.  As expected, they had a blast "watching the tide, soaking up the sun, and relaxing in a chic beachfront day suite."

While her Teenfluentials (see a pattern here) found the beachfront Bungalows to be a chic "mini-paradise," her son made new friends in the sand while Mom relaxed with cocktails! An oceanfront lunch by The Deck brought the family together to share in a delicious meal during their Laguna Beach daycation.

It's a dream that we can DAYCATION year-round in California. Join us any day in the Bungalows! Reserve online or call for availability - 949.281.5711.

Read the full blog feature at Travelfluential and follow via social: facebook, twitterinstagram & youtube.

Photos courtesy of Momfluential Media.