Monday, August 20, 2012

The Paddleboarding Phenomenon Part II

Back in April, we posted about the paddleboarding phenomenon. The phenomenon seems to be something different to everyone who does it. Some people see it as a workout. Some find inspiration in the serenity of being off-shore looking back. Some treat it as a sport, with competition, racing, etc.
Well, after this weekend, I think we can add an element of adventure, excitement and even danger. Saturday, off the coast of San Luis Obispo (just a short paddle away from our hotel), a humpback whale was caught on camera in a close encounter with paddleboarders and boaters.

Thank you to Bill Bouton for the photos.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Red, White, Blue, and Gold

There were a lot of disappointed viewers after the closing ceremonies of the Olympics.
They missed important aspects of British heritage…the Prime Minister enjoying a little Spice Girls… NBC cut out performances to air a new comedy…
With all of the complaining (which could just the manifestation of our disappointment that the Olympics are over), some very interesting traditions we looked into.
Did you know every Olympics closing ceremony has 5 traditions?
Check them out…
1.     Parade of Flags
2.     Parade of Athletes
3.     Final Medal Ceremony
4.     Handover to the Next Host Country
5.     Declaration of Closing and Olympic Flame Extinguishment

Putting aside the upsets over the performances, we're happy to take a moment to step back, appreciate the traditions, and congratulate our country for such great success!