Monday, February 11, 2013

Foodie Festivities

What is a foodie? Wikipedia defines a foodie as “an informal term for a particular class of aficionado of food and drink”. The always-entertaining Urban Dictionary defines a foodie as “a person that spends a keen amount of attention and energy on knowing the ingredients of food, the proper preparation of food, and finds great enjoyment in top-notch ingredients and exemplary preparation. A foodie is not necessarily a food snob, only enjoying delicacies and/or food items difficult to obtain and/or expensive foods; though, that is a variety of foodie.

With all the foodie festivities going on in Laguna Beach in March, we wanted to make sure we were answering the foodie call, while staying true to who we are – a casual, come-as-you-are, beach-vibe hotel and restaurant. With all that in mind, we’ve decided to do our Snack, Sip, and Surf event again this year. We will come together with some of our favorite neighboring restaurants for a little surprise food showcase (hint: it has something to do with seafood). We’ll also bring in some of our favorite spirits to add a little cocktail contest. We let our guests choose their favorites, while feasting their eyes on the excitement brought in by Hobie and their paddle board contest. And all of it is for charity. We think that hits the foodie aspects, stays true to who we are, and is just plain fun! Do you agree?

Proceeds will benefit Surfrider Foundation here in South Orange County.
Tickets are $45 per person.
Space is limited.
Please call (949) 281-5711 to reserve your spot today.