Friday, March 25, 2011

The Laguna Beach Experience

If summer is the main course meal here in Laguna Beach then we can assume that spring is the ultimate appetizer.

Seemingly just a walk through, a warm up of the beautiful weather that lay's ahead of us in the summer month's.

However there is one distinct difference. Especially after a winter of long period rains.

The beauty of the sprawling green hills above that surround Laguna and off in the distance you can even see snow covered mountain's.
To me, spring is the ultimate season to spend time here in Laguna because you get the best of all the season's combined in one.
That with the combination of the new day light's saving's beginning and what many consider the best sunset's of the year it just keep's getting better.

And were not even done yet in why spring is so great to us in Laguna, so I'll leave you with one last great detail for all to enjoy.
You don't have to hassle with all of the hustle and bustle of the summer crowds in and out of the restaurant's and more.

Enjoy your stay...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Making a Difference - Sayulita, Mexico

I had a great time in Sayulita, Mexico this past week being the honorary ambassador of the 2nd annual Punta Sayulita longboard and SUP Classic. An event that raised money for the Costa Verde International School.It is extremely important to me; as a person lucky enough to grow up on the beach and live is dream of one day becoming a professional surfer. That we continue to empower the youth of tomorrow, not only to go after living their own dream's but also in preserving our beach's and ocean's for them.
In my life aside from having good parents, it was my love for the beach and the ocean that alway's kept me from making the wrong decision's in life.

Thank you all for being apart of this dream...

James Pribram
The ECO-Warrior

Photo's by Matty Tomas

Friday, March 4, 2011

Laguna Beach – Athlete of the Year!

On Feb. 5 I was honored by the Patriots Day committee as Laguna Beach’s “Athlete of the Year.” I’ve won a lot of trophies and awards before but none more meaningful to me then this one. It sits right there proudly on the mantlepiece above my fireplace and no matter how many great places in the world I have been lucky enough to experience, there will never be another place more special to me than Laguna Beach.

Just as there will never be another place I would rather be in the world on a beautiful day like today than Pearl Street beach. The very beach I was raised on. My whole being, vision and spirit were shaped on that beach by those before me. There was a long list of past surfers, including my brother, who inspired me to surf and then one day become a professional.

Today I dedicate my life to preserving our beaches and oceans. It wasn’t something that happened overnight. In fact it just happened over time, much like anything else through hard work, desire and dedication. My work perhaps isn’t traditional as some may like but that’s not my issue. I do what I do because I believe in it and I want to do it.

I work with a personal trainer twice a week as he puts me through a series of circuits that leave me nearly hurling at the end and I work out on my own another three or four days a week. It’s work. Writing a column is work. I write a different one for each of my sponsors. Being involved with marketing meetings with sponsors is also work, as is maintaining three websites, or finishing a book that you have been working on for five years.
You might be asking yourself what has inspired me to write about all this? Perhaps it’s because in 2011 there is still this perception that surfing is more of a beach bum sport than an actually a sport. I would bet that any professional surfer would have a much easier time adapting to any other sport than another professional athlete trying the sport of surfing. I will put my money on that any time, any place.

The beach is nothing short of a natural playground for all to enjoy and that is why I work—yes ”work”—extremely hard at preserving them for the next generations. So they can dream the same dream that I had of one day being a professional surfer, a sport that in fact kept me away from drugs and other adolescent mistakes. So thank you Patriots Day committee for such an honor and I will do my very best to honor in the best way that I can by leading by example.